Friday, May 11, 2012

lisa kellner


lisa kellner 1lisa kellner 2lisa kellner 3lisa kellner 4lisa kellner 5lisa kellner 6lisa kellner 7lisa kellner 8


installations by lisa kellner



sara l said...

wow, that's beautiful

Alex Lisek said...

clorful and organic forms contrasted against used, uncoloured anorganic forms. very nice!

Three Angles

rahiosky said...

This is really cool! I love when you do links to art stuff.
On an unrelated note- I was wondering if you have been having problems
posting links to blogger on facebook. I have been suddenly having trouble
(and by that I mean it won't do it) and so I looked up some other bloggers
I read on fb to see if they post links.
I noticed you have in the past... have you had problems lately?

Pictures to paintings
photos to paintings
photo to painting
picture to painting
painting from photo

Denise Driscoll said...

Hey Lisa! I love your work more and more as you make more and more of it.

Congratulations on your inclusion here.

Lili Gabbiano said...

this looks like colorful alien eggs, which are soon becoming pastel colored little freaky creatures. You might have them all over your blog soon :)
You have a very nice blog, It's the first time I'm in for a visit...see you soon...